Self Care Schmelf Care

November 27, 2018 | Jennifer Murphy

Seriously, in today’s world who ISN’T stressed??

In our society today, we have a tendency to be overbooked, overscheduled, overwhelmed and well… overtired. That over-itis is a sneaky thing, creeping up on us when we aren’t paying attention. We have a habit of adding jjjuuuusst one more thing the schedule and then jjjuuuuusst one more until we are barely keeping our heads above water.

And then we realize we need to slow down.

But how do we do that? One might google ideas for self-care and up comes a ton of ideas from sipping hot tea, buying yourself a small reward or decluttering your desk.

Except, you know what?

Reading those lists stress me out. Seriously! I see those lists as just another thing that I need to do and then try to accomplish them. All. In one day. ( Don’t judge me! You know you do the same thing!) Is it important to take time for yourself? YES! But, I truly think we overcomplicate the idea of self-care and slowing down. Self-care doesn’t have to be face masks and sipping green tea. It can be as simple as learning to say no.

Maybe you have commitments that you are afraid to let go of or just say no to. Maybe you volunteer for an organization a little more than you like and you’re feeling burnt out. Maybe you do extra projects for work outside of normal hours a little too often. I’m not saying that you should quit ALL of these things, I’m just saying less.

Trying saying it’s okay.

One of the hardest things for me is to say yes to is stillness. Yes to downtime. That’s kinda weird, right? A massage therapist who spends her days helping others relax can’t relax? Yup. It happens to the best of us. And you know what? Every time I practice what I preach, I feel a million times better. It’s okay if I sit on the couch all day on Sunday watching Netflix and giving my dog cuddles. It’s okay if I take a random Wednesday off of work and spend the day working in the yard. It’s okay that I took the time to schedule an extra-long massage for myself. The list could go on and on and on!

We could all use a little more downtime.

Downtime allows us to relax and come back to the things we are most passionate about with a fresh pair of eyes and new ideas. The idea of self-care doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming or labor-intensive. Self-care can be as simple as saying no and it’s okay.