My Government Ordered Vacation Called COVID-19

April 15, 2020 | Jennifer Murphy

It took a literal pandemic to slow me down. A legit government mandate to stay at home until told otherwise, required me to relax. That’s insane.

I mean, not the first two weeks of the quarantine. I did yard work, walked the dogs 3 miles every day, organized the garage, reorganized the garage AGAIN, spring cleaned the house, groomed (terribly) the dogs, cooked every meal… I feel like you get the picture.

About a week into all of this new way of life, I started to notice some things. I was sleeping- in every morning, waking up refreshed and feeling better than I normally do. IS THIS WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO FEEL LIKE EVERY MORNING?? I started to sit around and drink a cup of coffee or two before starting my day. Maybe midday I might stop what I’m doing and group text family back home. This lackadaisical attitude for sure isn’t me. But then all at once the realization hit me. I was relaxed. Whoa.

Does this type of confession seem weird coming from a licensed massage therapist? Well, it’s true. I’m for sure a wound-up, overly energized ( and probably over-caffeinated) multi-tasker who doesn’t know how to relax. But…I kinda like relaxed Jennifer. Since every minute of my day isn’t jammed full of something to do, I recognize how much better I feel. I kinda enjoy the present moment and not planning what goal to accomplish next. I also recognize the importance of keeping that feeling going when we can all go out freely again.

And so, that’s my next goal. To keep that relaxed feeling going. Taking time for myself without feeling guilty about it. My government ordered vacation has taught ME a valuable lesson, what has it taught you?